LHR Fire Protection: Delivering Cost-Effective Fire Protection and Safety Services

Josh Wise, Founder and President, LHR Fire ProtectionJosh Wise, Founder and President
For the past 5 years, our company has been at the forefront of delivering a full suite of scheduled and emergency fire protection and repair services to commercial and residential facilities in New Hampshire and across New England,” states Joshua Wise, Founder and President, LHR Fire Protection.

True to its name, LHR is local, honest, and reliable, making it the partner of choice for all fire protection needs. The company is one of the leading fire protection firms alleviating dangers potentially caused due to poorly installed or faulty fire systems. To this end, it specializes in installing, maintaining, and inspecting various fire safety systems, including sprinklers, and fire extinguishers for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and institutions, along with fire alarm systems.

"For The Past 5 Years, Our Company Has Been At The Forefront Of Delivering A Full Suite Of Scheduled And Emergency Fire Protection And Repair Services To Commercial And Residential Facilities In New Hampshire And Across New England"

“We are Firestop Installation and Application certified, NH State Inspector certified, and NH City/State licensed. Being completely insured, certified, and licensed allows us to offer customized preventative maintenance plans to clients and ensure their fire protection systems meet federal, state, and local codes and compliance,” says Wise.

To enable seamless client engagement, LHR has developed a unique business model built on the four core pillars of culture, communication, safety, and service. This allows the company to meet the clients’ objectives on time and within budget and ensure the protection of lives and property. LHR has a strong work culture where each team member works toward a collective goal of ensuring success through a collaborative approach.
The company also maintains continuous communication and transparency throughout every project. While these values render it a one-stop shop for effectively fulfilling all fire protection requirements, LHR’s unrelenting dedication to stellar customer service sets them a nick above the rest. LHR’s wide array of service capabilities has helped triple its profits over the past three years and make its mark as one of the most recognized firms in the New England region.

With safety being paramount to LHR’s offerings, the company has gone above and beyond to adopt a holistic outlook on safety and protection. The company does not stop at being a vanguard of safety for clients but ensures its team is secure at the job site. For this, LHR makes it a point to enroll all its team members in Osha and NFPA trainings. This enables them to get every fire protection job done right the first time. By doing so, clients can be assured that whether it’s installing a new fire system, testing or repairing existing equipment, or responding to emergencies, they will receive superior results. Every successful client engagement is owing to the team’s knowledge with experts spanning fire safety field technicians, service technicians, sprinkler fitters, project managers, and office staff well-versed in the fire protection arena. Not stopping there, after every project, LHR makes sure to get feedback from clients on how it can improve the services.

We Are Firestop Installation And Application Certified, Nh State Inspector Certified, And Nh City/State Licensed. Being Completely Insured, Certified, And Licensed Allows Us To Offer Customized Preventative Maintenance Plans To Clients And Ensure Their Fire Protection Systems Meet Federal, State, And Local Codes And Compliance

Over the years, LHR has expanded its business to Main, Massachusetts and Vermont, opening up new avenues for LHR to undertake multi-million dollar jobs this year. The installation of fire protection systems for 280 apartments in New Hampshire is a part of this growth streak, where it was able to come up with the most cost-effective and timely solution for this client.

Backed by a skilled team, LHR is already on its way to expanding its horizons by setting up macro locations in New England. The company’s ultimate goal is to have a presence from Maine to Florida and cater to the entire east coast of the US. This steady progress is evidence of LHR’s dedication to delivering the best service and safety to its clients.
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LHR Fire Protection

LHR Fire Protection

Hooksett, NH

Josh Wise, Founder and President

LHR Fire Prevention installs, inspects, and maintains sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers for commercial and residential properties throughout New Hampshire and New England, serving homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and institutions of all sizes.