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Top 10 Enterprise Fire Protection Solution Companies - 2021

As the industrial sector in emerging economies expands, the number of casualties caused by fire accidents has been increased. Loss of life and property caused by fire accidents is not unusual. As an attempt to reduce the number of casualties caused by fire accidents worldwide, the installation of fire protection system has been increasingly acknowledged.

A fire protection system is one of the most crucial systems required to be installed in any building or organization. A fire protection system is used to control, detect, and protect the people who live in a building or institution from fire threats. These systems assist in the extinguishment of smoke or fire and the alerting of building inhabitants, thereby decreasing property and life damage. Equipment such as fire detectors, fire response systems, fire analysis software, fire suppression systems, and fire sprinkler systems are all part of fire protection systems. These systems are installed in a variety of infrastructures, including industrial, residential, and commercial buildings, to protect people and decrease damage from fire threats.

Initially, the adoption of fire protection systems in several developing countries was low compared to developed nations. This was mainly due to the lack of awareness among consumers regarding the product as well as reduced regulatory pressure. However, the efforts from various systems integrators, manufacturers, and dealers have created widespread awareness among users. The introduction of fire safety programs and the use of targeted marketing to explain the benefits of a fire protection system have piqued the interest of both large and small and medium-sized businesses. This has resulted in consistent market expansion over the last few years.

To help organizations select the best Enterprise Fire Protection Solution Providers, we present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Enterprise Fire Protection Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Enterprise Fire Protection Solutions Companies

  • Headquartered in Maryland, APS is committed to assisting the fire service emergency responders with cost-effective fire station alerting solutions and displaying vital information prior to and during fire incidents. APS fulfills the needs of each department individually by designing fire house alerting systems that provide fast, dependable, usable information. APS is empowered by a team of fire service professionals who have decades-long experience in the industry


  • Established in 2002, Radix Fire Protection is a leading fire protection company that specializes in providing fire protection products and services to a broad range of customers. The firm offers a full array of reliable and robust services—from design to installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and kitchen suppression systems—at a competitive price point


  • Avon Protection

    Avon Protection

    Avon Protection is an innovative capability provider specializing in the design, development, testing and manufacture of integrated protective systems. Their portfolio of life-critical protection solutions includes full face respirators, ballistic helmets, body armor, escape hoods, SCBA systems, modular PAPR units, thermal imaging cameras and underwater equipment. As an innovative capability provider, Avon Protection understands the unique requirements of the modern warfighter and tactical operator. This depth of specialization and understanding has ensured products are designed to protect users in the most extreme of environments

  • Geo Systems USA

    Geo Systems USA

    With over 50 combined years of experience in the Geothermal and Fire Protection marketplace, Geo-Systems USA has a great deal of knowledge to pass on to its’ customers. With a full production facility that encompasses 38,000 sgft Geo-Systems USA is committed to providing the highest quality products, professional and personable customer service, and a vast knowledge of fire protection and geothermal technology



    Established in 2009, Impact Fire Services was the vision of a group of experienced industry professionals that wanted to build a best-in-class fire protection and life safety company. Through superior customer service and technical expertise, they have developed long-standing relationships with the leading businesses in their markets. The Impact Fire leadership team has over 200 years of industry experience. The firm is a full service fire protection company, providing installation, maintenance, inspection, monitoring, and retrofit of fire safety systems

  • Interspiro


    At Interspiro, they’ve worked for almost a hundred years to keep professionals breathing in hazardous environments. Many of their technological breakthroughs in breathing equipment have become industry standard, such as 300 bar and positive pressure. Today their equipment is used by firefighters and divers all over the world, and they work in close partnership with fire and rescue services, defense, shipping and heavy industry to meet and exceed their requirements

  • Jade Alarm

    Jade Alarm

    Since 1969, Jade Alarm has provided an unmatched level of service to the greater Kansas City area. They provide state-of-the-art security products with around-the-clock monitoring and service. The firm stays current on the newest technologies by ongoing training of our personnel and active memberships in local and national security industry associations. Jade Alarm operates its own UL Certified Monitoring Command Center in the greater Kansas City area

  • Koorsen Fire & Security

    Koorsen Fire & Security

    Koorsen Fire & Security is a family-owned operation that has kept homes and businesses safe for more than 70 years. They’re proud of their record of reliability, and they’re dedicated to maintaining that record. They create complete life safety solutions for each home and business they serve, from the smallest shop to the largest campus; they service and maintain those solutions to ensure their effectiveness; and they employ specialized teams of highly trained technicians who bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project

  • Metro Fire Equipment

    Metro Fire Equipment

    Metro Fire Equipment Inc. has been serving Arizona since 1972. They are a full service fire protection company that offers statewide service. They are a family owned business that prides itself on customer service and integrity. The firm’s staff of friendly and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality service. Metro Fire offers you complete fire protection systems install, service, and maintenance with one call such as Fire Alarm Systems, Fire and Security Alarm Monitoring, Emergency Lights and Exit/Emergency Signs and more

  • Stanley Convergent Security Solution

    Stanley Convergent Security Solution

    Stanley Convergent Security Solution, a division of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), is a global provider of integrated security, health and safety solutions and services. STANLEY Security is trusted by customers across the globe for innovative SaaS technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and insightful analytics. They’re guided by their vision of building safer, healthier and more efficient environments, with a purpose of helping the world progress